Essential Website Technology for Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

We’re living in a world of instant gratification. With just a few clicks, we can see, read, or watch anything, anywhere in the world. So when you keep your customers waiting for new content on your legal website, they’re not going to wait for long—and they may never come back.What your website maintainence should look like.

Although Google continually changes the way it ranks websites, one thing remains constant: fresh, informative content will always be rewarded. Great marketing for personal injury lawyers begins with your website content management tool: the “backstage” area of your legal website.

You must be able to navigate your web content management system to create and upload:

  • New content on existing pages. This is the simplest step for novices to achieve and is vital for fixing typos or correcting information on the fly.
  • New pages. You will need to add new blog entries, library articles, frequently asked questions, and local news that pertains to your practice area on a daily basis. All of these must be formatted and uploaded in the correct place for your website to look professional.
  • New practice areas. Over time, you may want to add additional practice areas to your business. This means creating a new content page, but also adding the page to the navigation drop-down menu.
  • New images. Your readers will get bored by the same photographs week after week, so you must know how to upload and properly size your images for clear viewing.
  • PDF documents. You must include links to download PDF versions of documents (such as your monthly law firm newsletter and your free legal guide).
  • Video. If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you know the value of using YouTube to create interactive legal content for your viewers. Now you must learn how to publish those videos on your site.

How important are these items? Content is so valuable that many attorneys hire writers and bloggers to provide a steady stream of good copy to their sites. You may eventually hire someone to do these tasks for you, but for now, you need to know how to do them yourself. A small amount of “behind the scenes” know-how will help you make better marketing decisions in the future.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.