Adapting Your Legal Web Marketing to Survive in the Facebook Age

Whether or not you’re using social media sites, you’ve probably noticed the worldwide shift in online business practices.

The major convenience of using a computer has infiltrated daily business in tiny but significant ways: people don’t call anymore, they email. If they have a bad experience with a company, they don’t write a letter—they post the complaint on the company’s website for all to see.

Many attorneys hate the way social media is driving the economy. They may refuse to join Facebook or other social sites, griping about how technology is taking over the market.

It is time for lawyers to embrace social media instead of running from it.But trying to relive the good ol’ days won’t bring in more legal clients…and it certainly won’t keep you competitive in today’s market. Instead, you should be taking your old marketing strategy and adapting it for use in an online world. For example, business owners have always lived by two principles, which are still alive and well—they have simply changed shape:

  1. A good relationship with the customer is key to success. In the days before the Internet, a good client-attorney relationship would have meant competent and dedicated legal service. This is still true, but today it must also mean immediate response to customer inquiries and a way for the customer to contact and interact with your business—be it through a website, Facebook page, or other online presence.
  2. Most new customers come as a result of word-of-mouth referrals. As for word-of-mouth, what is social networking but a big conversation pit? Your customers not only get to read about your services and interact with you, they get to share that experience with their friends, relatives, co-workers, and business contacts, allowing your business referrals to spread like wildfire.

Internet marketing will also allow you to build your business locally. By targeting your keywords to specific kinds of clients in your city or state, your ideal clients will find you quickly and find exactly what they are looking for when they get there—allowing you to refine and expand the reach your business at the same time.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.