The 6 Stages of Your Legal Marketing Message (Part B)

Once you can get a client to the raving fan stage, you've got a whole new marketing machine to tap into. It takes little maintenance to keep them as a fan, and in turn, they'll be the ones using word-of-mouth to spread your name to others. The initial effort you put into growing these clients to the end stage is well worth the loyalty they'll give you for years to follow.

Stage 4: Tell Them What You'll Do For Them

I don't just mean what you'll do in regard to taking their case and helping them reach a settlement. All lawyers can say they do that because that is their job. What you can tell your clients is how you'll make them feel. Tell them about the relief they'll feel by having an experienced attorney on their case. Explain how you'll help take the burden of paperwork out of their hands and help explain their options in their legal matters.

Stage 5: Make Good On Your Words

To really get your client's respect, loyalty and trust, you need to follow through on your promises in your lawyer advertising. Of course you need to fulfill your obligations as their lawyer, but you also need to go beyond that. If your initial legal marketing message is that you really care about your clients, your service needs to show that.

Make sure you're communicating the progress of your client's case to them on a regular basis
. Keep them informed of what's going on in your law firm with your monthly newsletters. Treat them like the valued clients you've been grooming them to become.

Stage 6: Remind Them You're There For Them

Even after their case is settled, you need to keep your clients in mind. If you pay them courtesies every so often, they'll do the same. We're programmed to remember things mainly through repetition, so the more they see your name the more they'll remember you're a great lawyer.

Should they, or anyone they know, ever need a lawyer, you'll be the first name that comes to mind. Even if it's not for a practice area you're familiar with, you can still be a point of referral, which is also worth a ton in the world of legal marketing.

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