Asking the Right Questions Makes Your Personal Injury Marketing More Personal

A lot of attorneys won’t have time to write the content for their websites. That’s fine since you can easily hire someone to take care of the daily updates for you—and your occasional presence in blog posts will make your opinion more valuable.

In fact, it’s far better to outsource your content than to insist on doing it yourself and fall short of your marketing expectations. Writing dynamic and effective articles isn’t easy, and too many attorneys make the mistake of writing for themselves than writing for their readers.

For example, let’s say you’re a personal injury attorney. There are many facets of the law that you may find interesting, such as a new statute that will affect the amount of future settlements—but the last thing you should do is write about what you find interesting. After all, the website isn’t for you; it’s for your clients, and if you don’t address the questions they want to be answered, they’ll move on to someone who will.

Here are just a few concerns your clients will have if they are considering a personal injury case:

  • Will my insurance cover my medical bills?Are you speaking to the client, or to the court?
  • What if I don’t have insurance?
  • Is my employer allowed to fire me if I can’t come back to work?
  • Can I get additional benefits like Social Security if I can’t work?
  • Who can I sue?
  • How much is my case worth?
  • What if I need surgery and my insurance won’t cover it?
  • Do I need to hire an attorney?

Your readers are much more likely to contact you if you demonstrate that you can solve their current problem, rather than promise to solve it when you sign a contract. Your unique knowledge of your niche practice area will allow you to address common questions and concerns, allowing you to write content that feels personalized just for your ideal client.

Ben Glass
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