The Language of Your Legal Marketing (Part A)

I've mentioned before that legal jargon in your legal marketing materials is one of the biggest turn-offs to clients. Most clients don't have a legal background, and they rely on you to take complicated legalese and turn it into digestible terms they understand. In the case of lawyer advertising language, how you sound in your message is almost as important as the message you're trying to send.

Finding the Right Words

The goal with legal marketing is to connect to your client on their emotional level. If you are a family law or personal injury attorney you'll want your lawyer advertising language to have a sympathetic tone. Your clients are going through stressful situations, such as divorce, custody battles, serious injury or the death of a loved one and your message needs to speak to that in a relatable way.

Likewise, if you're an attorney who specializes in business law or estate law, you're more-than-likely dealing with a more educated class of clients. Here your lawyer advertising language can be a bit more sophisticated and allow for a bit of business jargon. In this instance, it's important to show you know your stuff through the language of your legal marketing.

Avoiding Legal Jargon 

Part of the reason that clients look to lawyer websites for information on their local laws and statutes is because the actual statutes found on the government websites are written in legal speaking terms. We go to years of law school to learn to properly read and interpret the language of legislature - our clients do not.

Therefore when you're drafting the words for a new piece of legal marketing, keep in mind your lawyer advertising language. Keep away from words like "litigation" and "statutes" and try to explain terms like "premises liability" and "comparative negligence" early in your content.

One of the biggest turn-offs in legal marketing content is the use of Latin legal terms. Unless there's absolutely NO English equivalent commonly used to translate the term, or it's a common term (i.e. something you'd hear often on a legal drama), avoid Latin in your lawyer advertising language at all costs.

Keep reading for more tips on your lawyer advertising language and how it affects your legal marketing message.

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