Learn The Specifics In Advertising, Media, and Cost Effective Tracking In Your New Bankruptcy Practice

The GLM ConsumerBankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program includes:


Step-by-step instructions for implementing dozens of marketing and practice building strategies specific to the consumer bankruptcy practitioner. In this Program, you will learn how to create powerful, compelling messages that speak directly to the emotions your prospects are feeling.


You will get actual ads that I have successfully used to engage over 30,000 clients, so

that if you do not want to spend the time to create ads yourself, you can use the examples provided in the Program to get a jump start to practice. This is a huge benefit because you can take what is already known to work and immediately get results without the costly trial and error.


You will learn the secrets to selecting the right media to get your message out with the most bang for the buck and how you can control exactly where and when your ad is placed. On top of that, you find out how to get your media rep to give you free advertising space because they like you so much.


You get my step-by-step approach to cost effectively tracking your marketing so that you know exactly what your cost per lead and, more importantly, your cost per sale is. I have tracking reports over 17 years that have provided me the ability to control my leads like a faucet, regulating the flow of new business depending on current needs. The numbers you receive on the daily reports are vital to understanding the projected cash flow of your practice and whether or not a change in marketing is necessary.


We designed the Program to make it brain dead easy for you to immediately take the system and implement it so that you get instant results. The Program will also walk you through the 3 different types of audiences that can hear your message and why most attorneys only market to the first group. This is a huge mistake that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You will learn how to effectively, ethically and systematically market to the other 2 groups and when you do so, you too will create a "herd" of raving fans that will not stop talking about you and you will become the wise man atop the bankruptcy mountain that everyone wants to get in to see.


Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.