Sell Your Specialty, Not Your Law Firm (Part B)

Know How Your Client is Searching

A typical client is going to think about finding a lawyer something like this: 

  • I need a lawyer.
  • I need a personal injury lawyer.
  • I need a personal injury lawyer in Fairfax, VA.
  • I need a personal injury lawyer in Fairfax, VA that specializes in dog bites. 

Not all clients are going to get to the 4th step and that's a problem if you're that Fairfax, VA dog bite lawyer. That's why you need a unique hook to distinguish yourself at all levels of your client search. This allows your legal marketing to distinguish you at all levels, from lawyer to geo-specific specialty lawyer dealing with certain types of cases.

Get Them to Remember You

I'm telling you here to get your clients to remember you by your gimmick or hook. That may seem contradictory to what I've said in the past about name recognition and getting your name out there with your legal marketing. Really, it all works hand in hand. Whether your ideal client knocks at your door looking for "John Smith the Lawyer" or "That lawyer with the crazy custom motorcycle at all the town parades" - does it matter?

Your ultimate goal with your lawyer advertising is to get that client knocking. Don't concern yourself with whether or not they remember your name, and definitely don't worry if they didn't know you have 20 years experience, are certified by 10 professional associations, and have 3 degrees in areas besides law. Their knowledge of your personal achievements isn't necessarily what's going to tip the scales in your direction, so it shouldn't matter if they remember everything on your resume.

The key is not necessarily why they remembered you as a lawyer, the important thing is that they remembered you.
Clients don't always sit down and research and review all 200 personal injury attorneys in their area, and some may be apt to just choose a lawyer based on the gimmick they use on their lawyer advertising. Being memorable only increases your chances at being the only lawyer to enter your clients' memory.

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