You Should Always Know What's Being Planned by Your State Bar Association

As if lawyers don't already have a hard enough time advertising their services—and differentiating themselves from that other law firm down the block—they face potential interference from state legislators and bar committees. Great Legal Marketing will keep you abreast of the latest regulations in your state, and we can even tell you what kinds of structures are in the works—so you won't be caught with your pants down when you get that latest bar association newsletter!

Running Afoul of Regulations Can Land You in Serious Trouble

How would you feel about opening your mail one day and receiving a thousand-dollar fine from your municipality or your state bar association? Well, that's what can potentially happen in various states of the union if you:

  • Use the word “specialty” or “specialize” anywhere in your marketing materials, including your website and your newsletter
  • Neglect to include certain boilerplate “fine print” on your TV commercial, or at the bottom (or even the top) of your website
  • Phrase your case results in a way that does not exactly conform to local regulations (say, “we have obtained settlements for clients in excess of $1 million”)Are you keeping up with your local bar advertising rules?
  • Include pop-up windows—or even certain sounds—on your website that your state bar associated considers “misleading.”
  • Decline to accept the phone calls, or otherwise consult with, clients whose needs lie outside your practice area

This is by no means an exhaustive list—and unless you stay on top of new and pending developments, you may find yourself penalized for practices that you assumed were perfectly legal and ethical!

Ben Glass
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