Make Consistency Work For You In Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing

It’s crucial to draw up a focused marketing strategy for your bankruptcy practice that will target the specific sort of clients you want to work with. Once you’ve seen some success from a new marketing campaign, it’s easy to get caught up in meeting new clients and working through that new caseload.

You could very well forget that you don’t have anything new on the horizon to fill up the calendar two or three months up the road.

Consistency plays an important role in successful bankruptcy attorney advertising. Even as you’re getting in new clients, you want to take action to draw in and engage other prospects so the casework keeps coming. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle with your cash flow: feast, where you either have more clients than you can handle; or famine, where you don’t have enough work to pay the bills.

Instead of rolling out a grand scale ad blitz that will drain your reserves for the coming months and leave you with little to offer prospects who aren’t quite ready to talk with a bankruptcy attorney, start with carefully targeted, cost-appropriate marketing that you will be able to afford for a few months on your current caseload. 

Remember: bankruptcy is a difficult matter for most individuals ready to file a petition. A great number of people will hold out until the last minute, trying to find another option. It might take several months for a prospect who has been investigating your website to come to terms with her situation enough to actually make contact with your firm. 

With large-scale marketing blitzes, you’ll get your name out there once and probably get lots of calls from prospects who looking for quick fixes. With small-scale but targeted and consistent advertising, you’re going to get through to well-researched prospects who are interested in working for the best possible outcome for their case.

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