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As an attorney, you need to become the center of influence, the recommended resource.  If someone is looking for a financial advisor, you need to be able to refer that person to one of your allied professionals who specializes in financial planning.  When you are the center of influence, you are in a great position to not only give referrals, but to receive them as well.

In a recent monthly coaching call, I interviewed Stephen Fairley, with the Rainmaker Institute.  We discussed the importance of being the center of influence in the community, not just the spares of legal services.  What is great about taking this legal marketing tactic is that it doesn’t really cost you anything, except your time.

The first step in becoming the center of influence, or the “tollbooth,” is to set yourself up to gather referrals to send to other professionals.  This step can be accomplished by using your intake form, or whatever letter, document, etc. you use to gather information.  For example, you can use your client satisfaction survey to find out which areas of service people are looking for.  You can then take this information and turn it into referrals for your allied professionals. 

If you know the names of the local business professionals your clients are using, the next step in becoming the center of influence is to initiate a conversation, as they could be great referral partners.  According to Stephen Fairley, your conversation may go something like this, “Hey Joe, I am a local estate planning attorney and I would like to get together for lunch with you.  I have clients who are coming into my office who are using you and I would like to get to know you.  There may be an opportunity for us to cross refer business to each other.”

You need to be in a situation where requests for not only legal services, but all other allied services go through you.  Lawyers should be the icons in the community, the wise men at the top of the mountain for a lot of the things that are happening in people’s lives.

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