Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute – Social Media Can Boost Your Practice

According to Stephen Fairley with the Rainmaker Institute, one of the newest things that lawyers need to be aware of is social media.  Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Avvo and YouTube.

I interviewed Stephen Fairley in a recent monthly coaching call.  He provided some insight into legal marketing, including the use of social media.

Social media is growing.  New York Times recently reported that Google and Microsoft signed deals with Twitter to start indexing Twitter feeds, which are known as tweets, into their search results.  According to Stephen Fairley, he is on LinkedIn and Twitter.  He says that he has over 20,000 people currently following him on Twitter and has several thousand on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

There has been a fundamental shift in how people communicate online.  Mr. Fairley noticed that about three months ago, he started coming up in the top two and three positions for his keywords, just from Facebook alone.  He said he knows that his website has received a 20 percent increase in hits from unique visitors every month since he started utilizing social media.

During the interview, Stephen Fairley mentioned a gentleman who was getting great results from YouTube, which is basically a search engine for online video.  If you type in the keywords for this man’s practice areas, he shows up all over YouTube.

It is apparent that things are changing with social media.  Social media is evolving rapidly and it is difficult to predict what the end result will be, but one thing is for certain, you need to jump on the bandwagon now.  If you are just sitting on the sidelines, you could miss out on a great opportunity.  In Mr. Fairley’s exact words, social media is “like a tidal wave, you can either ride it or be crushed by it, but you can’t ignore it.”

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