3 Secrets of Effective Radio Legal Marketing

Have you ever heard another law firm’s ad on the radio and wondered if that firm was actually getting clients from their attorney marketing efforts? Do you want to know their secrets and find out if this form of lawyer marketing is right for your law firm? Read this article and find out 3 important secrets of effective legal marketing on the radio.
The Three Secrets to Law Firm Radio Marketing Are…
  1. Placing one ad at a time. If you run more than one ad and only one is generating business you might not realize it and you may be wasting money on one of your ads. Additionally, running more than one ad can dilute the message in each ad unless they are both run frequently.
  2. Having one phone number and one web address for each radio ad. Use a different phone number and web address in your radio marketing efforts than you do in your other marketing materials. That way you can easily (though not exactly) track calls and inquiries that come as a result of your radio marketing activities.
  3. Having one objective. Don’t try to do too much in your radio marketing spot. Instead, focus on something that you can provide interested readers, such as a free book you’ve written that would interest potential clients.
Are you sensing a theme here? It is important to do one thing at time so you can determine how well your radio lawyer marketing efforts are working.
Want to Learn More About Radio Legal Marketing?
Effective lawyer marketing campaigns are complex and reach potential clients in a variety of ways. Radio can be an important component of a complex legal marketing strategy. To learn more about effective legal marketing strategies for small law firms please read a free chapter in our Great Legal Marketing book and call us directly at 703.591.9829 to see if how we can be of further assistance to your law firm.
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