Attention Grabbing Advertising is a Superior Form of Legal Marketing

Legal marketing strategies often include media advertising campaigns centering around print advertisements in periodicals, on the internet, or in brochures, as well as audio or visual advertisements on television or on the radio. It is an expensive investment for the law firm and must lead to increased business to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail to effectively craft their advertisements to draw in the maximum number of new clients.


The most important aspect of a successful legal advertisement is to deliver a message that is interesting and thought provoking. It should encourage potential clients to contact the attorney to learn more. While the delivery can vary in countless ways, that underlying message should remain the same. The best legal advertisements are so effective that the client contacts the lawyer before a true need for legal services has even arisen.


Many legal marketing ideas fail to live up to their real potential because they say the wrong things. The role of an effective lawyer advertisement is not to sell. Successful legal advertisements simply say something interesting enough that it provokes potential clients to contact the attorney, thereafter allowing for individual, one on one dialogue. During this interaction, the law firm's services and strengths can be highlighted. The legal media should capture the potential client's attention and cause them to contact the lawyer, which then allows for the one on one sales opportunity.


Lawyer marketing advertisements should also be kept simple and clear. Many law firms make the mistake of trying to incorporate too much information into one advertisement. Instead, the advertisement should say only enough to open the door of communication between the potential client and the lawyer, along with providing the relevant contact information.


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