How to Avoid 2 Common Small Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

Small law firms may lack internal marketing departments and the other resources of large law firms, but that does not mean their legal marketing campaigns must be inferior. Small law firm marketing campaigns can be dynamic and successful if they are designed effectively and well implemented.

Common Small Law Firm Marketing Mistakes - and How Not to Make Them

If you take a look at most small law firm marketing campaigns, you will notice a theme. Most small law firms make the mistake of thinking too small. Specifically, they:

  • Fail to Go All the Way With a Complex Lawyer Marketing Plan. Quite simply, lawyers can get stuck in a rut and fail to be creative in their marketing approach. Being boring is not an effective way to win clients. You need to be dynamic to attract visitors, and informative to keep their attention if you want prospective clients to become paying clients.
  • Don't Invest the Resources Needed to be Effective. Legal marketing is not free. You need to develop content, send newsletters, and invest money into developing the business that you want. Of course, a good marketing campaign will allow you to make this a lucrative investment.


Develop a Strategy Before You Begin Marketing


One of the best parts of being in a small law firm is that you can set your own goals. You are in control of how much you want to work, how much you want to get paid, and what kind of clients you want to represent. Of course, you only have that control if you effectively market your small law firm to attract the business you want.


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