Playing to Your Local Market (Part A)

If you're anything like most consumers, you better relate to advertising and marketing that's geared toward your local market. You see it all the time with car dealerships supporting the local sports team, or seasonal promotions tied to the regional shift in weather. This kind of local marketing is great for selling vehicles and sidewalk salt, but what about lawyer advertising?

Your Lawyer Advertising Should Be Local, Too

With the growing trend of supporting local businesses in the rough economy, you should be placing emphasis on marketing yourself as a local business rather than just an attorney. No matter what your niche practice area is, you can find a creative and relevant way to tie the local culture of your area into your legal marketing.

For personal injury attorneys, it's easy to look at local hot spots and those problem traffic intersections and work those into your lawyer advertising. But what about practice areas, like business or estate law? That local angle strategy couldn't possibly work for you, right? WRONG!

Lawyers specializing in business law can always work with the climate of their local business trends, such as a surge in small businesses or a prevalence of large conglomerates. Estate lawyers can look at the financial needs of the local demographics. Do you have a large population of elderly residents in need of will/trust reviews? Is your local area full of young couples in need of planning for their future? Start targeting your legal marketing!

What's the weather like?

What does the weather have to do with legal marketing? A lot, if you know how to develop your lawyer advertising to mesh with the seasons! I've already talked about getting seasonal with your legal marketing, but that was more focused on the holiday seasons rather than the weather seasons.

Your local climate can actually be great fodder for your lawyer advertising. Think about the general water cooler chat in your office. A lot of times, it's about the recent weather; "It's been hot lately", "it's been cold lately", "there's been a lot of snow this year", "there's been a lot of rain", "oh gee, there's a hurricane coming". Weather has long been a common small-talk topic, and it draws a lot of people's attention.

How can you harness the topic of weather for your legal marketing? People are usually more apt to stop and pay attention to an advertisement that talks about the local weather rather than lawyer advertising. If you start with a weather hook and create a clever tie-in to your law practice, you've got their attention!

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