How Any Lawyer Can Dominate Google (Part B)

Remember how I said that you don't have to be a Web developer to achieve Google domination? All you need is a basic understanding of the importance of search engines and site ranking, how they work, and these 2 technology essentials.

Your Website Content Management Tool

No longer are you a slave to your Web developer or webmaster! A good Web design company will do the initial design and setup of your website and then offer you backdoor access to manage your own content. Who wants to send off page after page of content, wait weeks for it to be posted, and then pay for that service when they can do it themselves!

Your website's content management system should allow you to create and upload: 

  • New Web pages;
  • New content on existing pages;
  • New FAQs;
  • New practice areas;
  • New images and photographs;
  • Blog entries;
  • News that is appropriate to your practice area;
  • PDF documents including court opinions, briefs, and archives of your monthly newsletter; and
  • Videos. 

Without having personal access to your website's content management system, your site will never keep up. The bulk of the credit your site gets from the search engines for relevance to searches comes from consistently posting fresh content. This is much easier and more efficient with a good content management system.

Tracking of Your Site Statistics and Search Terms

Google Analytics is one of the greatest friends your website has in terms of reporting its performance. Not only does it tell you all sorts of site statistics like the type of browsers visitors are using to see your website, but it also helps you be smarter about which keywords you're using.

By noticing that you're getting more hits on niche keywords like "public park dog attack Raleigh" instead of "North Carolina personal injury attorney," you can start to see where your content writing should focus.

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