Embracing Complexity in Your Marketing

As our members know, a good marketing sequence will contain a drip campaign featuring both emails and direct mail (and probably a phone call as well). 

Having a basic multi-day follow-up is important. The BenGlassLaw sequence is one that has increased in complexity over time, with a number of refinements being utilized to make it smarter than it appears on the surface. These are the details that you need to pay attention to if you want to really have a complex and dominant marketing system.

(NOTE: We use Infusionsoft to build our sequences. I can't recommend it highly enough. Automation is your new best friend.)

  • Stop Triggers - These are the circumstances that tell your system to stop what it is doing. Think about it: do you really want to continue sending our your potential client sequence to someone who has signed on the dotted line already? Wouldn't the language seem strange to them? Another example: people who start by orering a .pdf of one of our books are removed from that particular follow-up sequence when they order a hard copy mailing. They don't need to be pestered with requests asking if they are interested in ordering a hard copy - they already did!Creating marketing automation in your law firm.
  • Mailing Reminders - We mail out a significant number of postcards, letters, and packages from our office with the help of a small staff, so we need to keep our things organized. Infusion allows us to create "Fullfillment Lists" that are posted to the home page of the people who need to know them. They can easily check them off their electronic list. Plus, it's easy to incorporate email reminders to them, as well. 
  • Customized and Specific Campaigns - It is extremely useful to have ways to identify your ideal client. For us, it starts with a very basic question: is this person/accident actually in Virginia? Then, we want to know if they were actually in an accident. After that, we are looking for a case that actually has bodily injury, not just property damage. Using web forms with questions like these, we can create multiple laywers of campigns that meet the specific needs of our potential clients (or those who don't meet our standards at all but still need some kind of information), while only spending our major resources on qualified leads.
  • Timing Automation - It doesn't do us any good if mailing reminders are send over the weekend or if we send an email that may get to them long before a refferanced package arrives in the mail. We make sure they land at the right time. We can set up our timing not just by day, but also by the hour. Certian emails have higher "open rates" when they hit in the morning versus the middle of the afternoon, when it might get buried among personal and work emails.

We pay attention to all kinds of little things, which is a layer of complexity most won't try to achieve. The real secret is that once we broach a level of complexity, it becomes simple for us. Something like the Customized and Specific Campaigns become part of our marketing DNA. That's what makes the gears keep ticking away at BenGlassLaw.

Charley Mann
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Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!