After potential clients have found the attorney’s legal website, reviewed the relevant content, and felt compelled to reach out and contact the lawyer, what comes next? For most attorneys, the next step is to send a generic letter. Unfortunately, this is not an effective means of attorney marketing. To set the law firm apart, the lawyer should instead send the potential client a “shock and awe” package that truly inspires the individual to hire the law firm.

What is a Shock and Awe Package?

This legal marketing tool is a package that contains valuable resources highly relevant to the legal issues faced by the potential client. By educating the potential client, the attorney earns his or her trust and respect. This will often lead to a successful attorney-client relationship.

What Items Should be Contained in the Shock and Awe Package?

Examples of items that are good to include in the shock and awe package include the following:

  • A copy of the law firm’s book related to the potential client’s specific legal issue
  • A copy of the law firm’s book that guides clients on how to choose an attorney
  • An audio CD where the attorney speaks to the prospective client, providing information in a more personal format
  • Copies of any television or radio show broadcasts that featured the law firm
  • A listing of testimonials from former clients
  • Copies of articles written by or about the law firm
  • Copies of the law firm’s newsletter
  • Copies of press releases prepared by the law firm
  • If the law firm handles personal injury matters, an “accident kit” that can be left in the potential client’s vehicle
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