The Principles of Great Lawyer Marketing (Part B)

Anything you've stuck your name, face, or logo on is part of your lawyer marketing plan. From sponsoring last month's 5k walk for the cure, to the customized pen you handed to your last consultation client, if it identifies with you or your firm, it's a cog in your lawyer marketing machine.

Branding is Important

Maintaining a consistent style and feel to all of your lawyer marketing efforts is an early decision that will help tie together all the parts of your lawyer marketing plan. The reason businesses use logos is so they have an iconic way for customers to remember them.

When clients see your well-formatted, consistently designed newsletter in their mailbox at the end of every month, they start looking forward to these things. I've had lawyers tell me they've missed a month on their newsletter mailing and had clients call to see if their address got dropped by mistake! When you establish a pattern in your lawyer marketing, you brand yourself as a lawyer who truly cares about reaching out to their clients.

Don't Be Scared By the Big Picture

Blogs, website content, newsletters, ideal seems like a lot to discover, develop and implement - believe me, it is. I did it, stuck with the plan, and now I'm able to not only have a successful law practice, but time to run my Great Legal Marketing seminars and spend quality time with my family.

The best piece of advice I can give you through all of this is you must COMMIT to the changes
. Once you set your goals, determine the clients you want to reach out to, and know how you're going to do all this, you can't let the big plan intimidate you. You're a great lawyer, now you need to prove your dedication to your practice by helping grow it into the ideal you're shooting for.

There's a lot more to learn if you want to build your practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business - (703) 591-9829.

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