Running a Quality Law Firm from Every Angle

Any good lawyer worth his salt knows that the legal field is not easy work. From undergrad to law school to work study to finding a job with a law firm to becoming partner or starting your own practice, nothing comes easily when it comes to the law.

So now that you’re in a position to run the firm, how do you maintain the level of work that it takes to maintain a successful law firm? There are many hats that a partner must wear to keep things running smoothly.

What are your strong suits? What are your weaknesses? Who are you as a partner, as a boss, as a marketer? Here are the five “hats” that must be worn—or at least owned—by a successful lawyer.

  • Lawyer. First and foremost, you have to know the law. That’s your job, and what you spent years studying and working on. Don’t forget to be a lawyer when you become partner or owner.
  • Businessman. If your only strength was the law and being in the courtroom, you probably wouldn’t be in a leadership position. Especially if you’re in charge of marketing and increasing the amount of people that come through the door, you have to wear the hat of the businessman.
  • Technician. You are the master of your craft, in the courtroom, in the meetings, and around the office. Be the one that everyone seeks out as the content expert.
  • Manager. Not just a businessman, but one who runs the business. From coordinating big meetings to delegating responsibilities down the line, a successful law firm is run by someone who can manage his or her troops.
  • Entrepreneur. To be successful, you have to be able to take big steps with your law firm. You might gain success by staying along the beaten path, following in the footsteps of every lawyer who came before you, but that’s boring and takes too long. Do things just a little bit differently and make a name for yourself.

It’s not always easy to be everyone for everyone in the office, but that’s part of the job. You didn’t get in this business to be mediocre and coast. Hard work pays off, and wearing the hats is what you do

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.