Learn What Comes With GLM Bankruptcy Program; Receive The Insights To Success

What EXACTLY will I get?


One of the unique things about GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and

Practice Coaching Program is it will not be a once and done type of product. Where I sell you a how-to manual and you are on your own. Having stepped up and joined one of Ben's mastermind groups back in 2008, I fully understand the power of putting minds together to come up with greater ideas and results. This Marketing and Practice Coaching Program is designed with that in mind and will be an ongoing, living structure to continually provide the latest in cutting edge, outside the box consumer bankruptcy marketing and practice management techniques. Knowing exactly what it will contain would be impossible to share as it will always be changing.

The Great Legal Marketing Bankruptcy Coaching Program Revealed

1. Membership in the Great Legal Marketing Coaching Program - the brainchild of attorney Ben Glass, America's top authority on Marketing for Lawyers. Ben is my mentor and inspired me to create my ideal practice. I, like hundreds of savvy lawyers around the country, pay him thousands of dollars a year to get his insights.  Your membership in the Great Legal Marketing Coaching Program includes:

  • The Great Legal Marketing Toolkit- a huge box packed with exhibits, samples, books, CD's, etc., showing the top, proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies for lawyers (others pay $3,995 for this marketing toolkit alone)
  • The Great Legal Marketing Coaching Modules- Step-by-step training in  the "Ben Glass/Great Legal Marketing" success system. These modules are priceless- you'll be on your way to gaining the expertise to leave your competitors in the dust
  • Coaching calls with Ben and national marketing experts, with copies of the calls sent to you on CD so you can review them over and over again whenever you want
  • Monthly newsletter - when this arrives at my office, I immediately drop whatever else I'm doing, close the door to my office, unplug the phone, and devour every word. It's that good.
  • Personal critiques of your marketing by Ben Glass - this alone can save you a fortune in wasted time, money and avoided mistakes
  • Weekly Fax- Ben sends a valuable teaching lesson. These lessons are so important that some of them were used in the book "The Ultimate Success Secret" by Dan Kennedy and Ben Glass

2. Monthly Training Calls with me and Rem Jackson - where we discuss marketing, practice-building and breaking bankruptcy issues. This is also my way to personally check up on you and ensure your successful implementation of all my strategies. We will teach you step-by-step so you will understand how and why these tactics work so successfully. Our calls will support the Great Legal Marketing Coaching Modules and tell you exactly how to apply these ideas to your bankruptcy practice. We will also invite experts like Ben Glass and Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing and the other amazing niche coaches to share their success secrets with you as well.


The GLM ConsumerBankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program includes:


Step-by-step instructions for implementing dozens of marketing and practice building strategies specific to the consumer bankruptcy practitioner. In this Program, you will learn how to create powerful, compelling messages that speak directly to the emotions your prospects are feeling.


You will get actual ads that I have successfully used to engage over 30,000 clients, so

that if you do not want to spend the time to create ads yourself, you can use the examples provided in the Program to get a jump start to practice. This is a huge benefit because you can take what is already known to work and immediately get results without the costly trial and error.


You will learn the secrets to selecting the right media to get your message out with the most bang for the buck and how you can control exactly where and when your ad is placed. On top of that, you find out how to get your media rep to give you free advertising space because they like you so much.


You get my step-by-step approach to cost effectively tracking your marketing so that you know exactly what your cost per lead and, more importantly, your cost per sale is. I have tracking reports over 17 years that have provided me the ability to control my leads like a faucet, regulating the flow of new business depending on current needs. The numbers you receive on the daily reports are vital to understanding the projected cash flow of your practice and whether or not a change in marketing is necessary.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.