Are You Overusing Keywords on Your Law Firm's Website? You Could Be Hurting Your SEO

Spamming keywords is a great way to hurt your website.Have you seen a website where the copy simply doesn’t make sense? The text is so overloaded with search engine keywords and phrases that it becomes gibberish. You’ve seen it: content like “Houston personal injury Texas attorney for personal injury wants to help you in Houston with your car wreck Texas traffic accident injury.”

Many attorney websites and other professional websites are still using this outdated online marketing practice of overusing keywords and writing copy for search engines and not their potential clients. However, the programmers behind search engines such as Google are extremely sophisticated. Search engines regularly have punished websites for overloading their content with keywords.

There’s an additional reason to avoid this practice. When potential clients land on those sites, they leave immediately because the text doesn’t even make sense.

While you don’t want to engage in this type of keyword stuffing on your attorney web marketing site, you do want to use keywords and key phrases in your legal online marketing. So how can you do this effectively?

First, you have to know what your keywords and key phrases are by using Google Search Console and Google Analytics to inform you what your law firm website visitors are searching for. Also, researching popular keywords on Google AdWords has proven to be useful.

  • By researching and using proper keywords and keyword phrases that apply to your business, the following will occur including:
  • Search engines can make a determination about the type of material contained on your website and whether it is appropriate for different searches.
  • Your potential clients will be able to find your site—and those people will be the specific types of clients you want.

For instance, you may want to attract clients for personal injury law. While “personal injury lawyer” may be a great keyword phrase that sums up your practice, you will be grouped in a huge number of listings instead of attracting clients from a certain geo-locations. Instead, use your location like “Fairfax personal injury lawyer” to help you get higher-quality prospects.

Second, it is important to mix your keywords and keyword phrases up so that you always have a balance between popular keywords and specificity. This is because many potential clients may not search for specific legal terms. They may search “hurt in a car accident in Fairfax”. This is why it is critical to use keywords and keyword phrases that appeal to a targeted group.

And finally, you should not use more than two or three keywords per 250 words. If you do, it will seem like you are keyword stuffing and your text will not read right, giving Google and your potential clients a poor impression of you.

Ben Glass
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