Are You Better Than Your Competition?

Unique selling proposition (USP) - The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition. (Source:

You are in a crowded marketplace; it’s the plain truth. There are hundreds, if not thousands of attorneys in your market vying for the same clients. Most of these lawyers are advertising in the same venues, using similar marketing messages. How will you ever stand out?

Use a USP to get your potential clients’ attention.
One of the biggest mistakes that lawyers make with their marketing efforts is trying to convince potential clients to choose them the instant they see their ads. It doesn’t work that way.

Your goal with any of your marketing materials or ads is to get your potential clients’ attention. You need to get them interested in what you have to offer, so that they will start a conversation with you, whether by calling your office, filling out your online contact form or emailing you. When you create a USP, you are well on your way to accomplishing that goal.

Your USP can be a “thing.”
When developing your USP, put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. Think about what would motivate them to call your office rather than the law firm down the street. Would they be motivated by expertise, money or customer service?

Dan Kennedy teaches that a USP can be a “widget,” basically something that entices a prospect to raise his or her hand and say, “yes, please send me that.”  If you are a personal injury lawyer, that “widget” can be a book about the mistakes to avoid after a serious accident or a guide about buying auto insurance. Not many attorneys are making such an offer, so that fact alone makes you stand out from the crowd.

Once your prospects start the initial conversation with you, you can send them all types of valuable information. If you continue to send them information, guess what happens? When they need a lawyer or know someone who does, you will be the first one that comes to mind.

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