Mobile Websites: The Next Step In Lawyer Marketing

How often do you use your smartphone?

As of last April, 35 percent of Americans owned smart phones, and that number is growing. For many people smartphones are taking the place of computers. They are cheaper, easier to transport, and more convenient than laptops. Smartphones allow people to access the internet from wherever they happen to be. They are popular with young people, stay-at-home moms, and professionals on the go.

According to the Pew Internet Project, about half of local internet searches are now done from smartphones, and 25 percent of Americans claim that they do most of their Internet browsing from a smartphone rather than a computer. Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that mobile internet will surpass desktop internet in 2013.

Are you ready?

Pull out your smartphone right now and take a look at your legal website. Is it easy to navigate? Can you push buttons without expanding your screen? Does your video show up? Is the contact form easy to fill out?

If your law firm website is difficult to use on a mobile phone, you may be losing potential clients. Clients who get to your site may become frustrated and leave. You need a lawyer marketing website that works.

How is a mobile website different?

Mobile websites are designed for easy navigation. A good mobile website will have all the features of a computer website, but will be attractive and easy to navigate on a small screen. Since mobile users spend less time browsing than computer users, every page should make a positive impact.

Mobile websites are also designed for easy contacts. Potential clients can easily make a call by clicking on the phone number. If the site is integrated with Google Maps, clients can quickly get directions by clicking on your address.

How can you stay ahead of the competition?

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