Appealing to Human Readers: Web Marketing That Pulls Readers to Your Door

How to write content that brings readers to your website.Designing a new, fresh legal website can easily get overwhelming. There seem to be rules surrounding everything: what words you use, where you put them, and how often you should post something new. Thankfully, there is an easy way to keep your law firm’s website on track: by remembering this overarching strategy to convert your readers into clients.

When designing your legal web marketing strategy, you should consider these four steps for client conversion:

  • Writing engaging, relevant content. Web content that evokes an immediate positive response from readers is the first goal. This means informative, local, timely articles and blog posts that will connect visitors emotionally to your firm.
  • Translating the reader’s positive association into action. The ultimate goal of your content is to get your reader to contact you. This may mean emailing the firm, completing a form, ordering one of you free publications or calling to set up a consultation.
  • Delivering the goods (and surpassing expectations). Customers don’t like to make snap decisions about important matters. Picking up the phone or sending an email makes their contact with you “real”—they are calling an attorney, they are filing a case, and there’s no turning back. Asking for more information is a much less scary prospect: they can still “mull it over” while they’re waiting for your free book. When that book arrives, it will come with a whole packet of information they were not expecting—establishing your legal expertise and keeping your firm fresh in their mind.
  • Convincing your client to STOP LOOKING for other lawyers. Your readers are visiting dozens of attorney sites in order to narrow down their choices. By providing a wealth of keyword-rich information for the kind of cases you want, your readers will keep coming back to you and referring you as a resource—increasing the odds that their game of “attorney musical chairs” will end with you.
Ben Glass
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