Building a Relationship with Your Personal Injury Clients Starts from Day One

You probably realize by now that is it not enough to build a comprehensive contact list for your firm; you have to know how to market to the people on that list. This is a clever mix of how and when you should send your personal injury attorney marketing materials and make your follow-up calls.

Once a customer asks you for information, you must send a downloadable file (if your guide is an e-book) immediately, and a packet of information that arrives by postal mail a few days later. After that, you should steadily send more information every few days over the course of a month, reinforcing your message.

Why should you take this approach? Three main reasons:

  • Everyone learns differently. Offering your clients a free book is great, but not all of your customers will be enticed by reading. Many prefer a DVD to watch or a CD that they can listen to in the car. The more you include in the packet, the greater your potential for interaction with the customer will be.
  • Gradual reinforcement. Your customer is unlikely to hire you immediately (even after your package has arrived). Many other attorneys give up at this stage, admitting defeat with a “thank you for your interest” email. Not you. Every few days, your client will receive an email or mail from your firm, always low-pressure and offering information. A potential client will often talk to several lawyers before making his decision, so it is important that you stay top of his mind.Building relationships with potential clients.
  • A reason to call. When you begin making follow-up calls to potential clients, you don’t have to make a “hire us” speech, as so many other attorneys do. Instead of trying to sign the client over the phone, you ask about the different pieces of information he received. Ask if he has any questions, if there is something particular to his case that wasn’t covered in the booklet, or if your firm has provided all it can for him. The prospective client may often find himself complimenting your service, convincing himself you’re the lawyer he wants.

Many attorneys hold back on sending “too much” information, thinking that the customer will be less likely to hire them. As long as you have a way for customers to opt out of receiving your materials, you don’t need to hold back. Constant, caring contact is one of the main reasons a customer will choose you over the competition. As long as you remain helpful and not pushy, your follow-up will pay off.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.