Here Are Six Mistakes That Can Doom Your Law Firm's Website

Time and time again, lawyers use the single most valuable marketing tool at their disposal, their official web page, in a clumsy and ineffective way. The sole purpose of your website is to attract clients, and if you make any of these six common mistakes, you need a refresher course in how to promote yourself on the Internet.

Don't Make These Common Web Marketing Mistakes

What are the ways a well-meaning lawyer can sabotage his own web page? Here are half-a-dozen for your consideration:

  1. Devoting the top third of your home page to your law firm's logo, your picture, and a picture of the city where you're located. It's common in web design to do these things, but it is unnecessary and doesn't convert web visitors. A better idea is to devote this space to your free offer.
  2. Writing about yourself, rather than what you can do for the client. When someone lands on your website, he has questions that he wants answered. He's not interested in where you went to school or how many awards you've won.
  3. Common website mistakes lawyers make.Neglecting headlines and copy on your subsidiary and practice pages. What happens if a client is interested enough to click through for more information, and doesn't find any?
  4. Using only a “contact us now” button as the only way for a client to initiate contact. You need to include a free offer, to impel that prospective client to act.
  5. Not having a “live chat” box on your site. Even if a prospective client chooses not to use this feature, he will be reassured (and impressed) that someone is available, immediately, to help.
  6. Failing to optimize your site for search engines. You can do everything else right, but if Google isn't able to find you, neither will any potential clients.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.