Follow These Simple Steps, and You'll Grow Your Practice in No Time

Like many lawyers, you are probably wondering how you can possibly grow your business in the face of increasing competition—law firms that set up shop down the street from you and advertise in the same local newspapers and magazines—and a perceived tendency on the part of consumers to hire the flashiest, smoothest-talking, or cheapest attorneys. The simple fact is that you can attract new clients, but it won't be easy!

The Twelve-Step Program of Great Legal Marketing

At Great Legal Marketing, our lawyer marketing and advertising experts have spent years identifying the key components of a concerted, successful drive to attract new clients and improve the bottom line of your practice. Ready? Here they are: 

  1. Good, effective legal marketing is a complex undertaking. 
  2. You, and no one else, decides who you want to see coming through your door as your next client. 
  3. A good database can automate your marketing efforts. 
  4. You need to grow and cultivate a "herd" of potential clients.
  5. You need to communicate with your fan base 12 to 16 times per year. 
  6. Perfect your "inbound media"—your web page and the Yellow Pages. 
  7. Understand, and maximize, your website's search-engine optimization. 
  8. Create interest on your site with compelling headlines and copy. 
  9. Make your potential client an irresistible offer. 
  10. Convince your perfect client that you're on top of the heap by offering him a well-written book or report. 
  11. Be relentless in your follow-up. 
  12. Continue to grow and cultivate your "herd" of potential and current clients. 
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.