Standing Out Amongst the Yellow Page Crowd

Mr. Glass: Do you do any print marketing? Are you still in the Yellow Pages and/or in the newspaper at all?

Mastermind Member: Yep. It's kind of funny, you know, 'cause we had talked about that a little bit at the meeting but for the first ten years or so I never did any print. It was just strictly TV and radio and we played around a little bit with newspapers which has never been very effective for us. Then we decided to try out the Yellow Pages and truthfully, I wasn't measuring anything so I don't know what it was doing up until the last year or so when I joined with you guys and you know now my approach is totally different and I was a little nervous about changing everything around because we were successful up to this point but I thought with the way the world is going and more educational marketing and people want more information and with the explosion of the internet, I just kind of felt like we were behind the times. So we did get into the Yellow Pages about five years ago and I just don't know what the initial results were until - actually this will be the first year we've actually tracked the information.

Mr. Glass: Right. And does the Yellow Page message - I think I probably have shown it in the newsletter before but I forgot - does it drive people to the recorded hotline or pamphlet or to the website? What's your message there?

Mastermind Member: Yeah, well, this year we switched it to the two - to promoting the books and I've written a couple of the consumer guides on bankruptcy. One is for, you know, avoiding the dismissal of your bankruptcy case which I'm considering changing the title on and the other one is about life after bankruptcy and what do you do afterwards. So we're promoting the books in the ads now and I have a unique phone number through call line for every ad that's in there and the Yellow Book just came out about two weeks before the mastermind meeting and I'm averaging about three people a day from that number that are requesting the book package. Once they get the package, then, I'm still developing that 15 to 18 step system to follow up with them but the number that's in the book and in the package then goes to the 24-hour recording which then leads them to the live person.

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