Is thinking like a lawyer is the most important thing you can do? (Part B)

Why Thinking Like A Lawyer Kills Legal Marketing

One of the most annoying things I see on too many law firm websites is pages of "me, me, me" and "lawyer jargon." Your clients aren't lawyers (usually) and they don't want this sort of information. Your clients are looking for helpful information: what to do after a serious car accident, how to deal with the insurance company when filing Workers' Compensation disability claims, and so on.

The lawyer brain in your head will think "well, if my practice area is personal injury, I need to list all my state statutes and new ordinances for property liability and, and..." STOP. That lawyer brain is for the court room and your law firm office, not your legal marketing. When it comes to sending the message you want with your legal marketing, you need to think like your client and not like a lawyer.

Do I think like a lawyer? A businessman? My client?

The answer is all three. You need to be able to switch gears to deal with whatever it is you're dealing with at the time. If you're in court, go ahead and put your lawyer voice to work. When you're developing a new legal marketing method, you should be thinking like a businessman and determining if it's an appropriate, cost-effective method. When you're writing the blog for your website you should be thinking like your clients and what they'd like to hear.

You didn't get into the legal profession because it was easy, and believe me, thinking with three different brains is difficult. But entrepreneurs and successful businessmen never got anywhere without some hard work and determination. I've helped hundreds of lawyers just like you run their law firm as a businessman, still be lawyers during work hours, and then be just a normal person who is home in time for dinner.

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