Legal Marketing Inspiration Comes From Everywhere (Part B)

Never Turn Your Legal Marketing Brain Off

When you're starting a new foray into the world of legal marketing, a good legal entrepreneur never turns their brain off. Look around you to see how other businesses are advertising themselves. You're probably considering starting a social media campaign, right? Keep your eyes peeled for all those "Find us on Facebook" posters and that iconic Twitter bird. This is how other companies get the word out that they're rocking the social media scene.

Even if you're not actually thinking at the time, "This is great for my legal marketing campaign," a good legal entrepreneur will review their notes at the end of the day and draw inspiration from them later. Remember that innovation in the world of legal marketing is the key to success, and drawing inspiration from non-traditional venues is a great way to spur on that innovative spirit.

Life is a Learning Experience

Most people make a differentiation between note-taking time and non-note-taking time. The time to take notes is in lectures, the rest of life isn't. Legal entrepreneurs realize that life is full of informational moments (like lectures) that are worthy of taking notes on. Watching TV, taking a walk, eating lunch, going to the can find inspiration anywhere if you keep an open mind. Remember that advertising opportunities can be found in the most unlikely of places, and your legal marketing is driven by finding those untapped venues.

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