The Benefits of 3D Law Firm Marketing: Adding Video to Your Legal Website

Using video for your legal website.If you have been reading our marketing tips for some time, you have probably heard a lot about the importance of creating interactive and informative videos for your legal website. While it may be hard to believe, just a handful of short attorney videos can help you disseminate your message, improve your search engine rankings, and give you an edge on your competition.

Incredibly, many attorneys are still reluctant to produce these videos, citing a lack of time or constricted advertising budget. What these attorneys fail to realize is that videos can accomplish in two minutes what it takes weeks for your web copy to convey, including:

  1. A whole-body experience. The popularity of YouTube and other online clip sites proves that there is just no substitute for video when it comes to entertainment. YouTube is now taking the role of an educational channel, allowing people to watch their information instead of reading a step-by-step guide. In your videos, they get to see you, hear you, observe your conversation style and mannerisms—all while you explain a complex idea (showing that you are an authoritative source of information).
  2. Celebrity vibe. Once your viewers have seen a few of your videos, they will come to feel as if they know you. That familiarity will break down the wall that separates you and your customer, making it more likely that they will make contact. After all, are you more afraid to call a friend or a stranger?
  3. First preference. Your videos allow your clients to see you as a whole person, rather than a name on a faceless law firm. That familiarity breeds trust in your viewers, especially if your competitors do not have video on their sites. Your readers will quickly form an attachment to you based on the fact that they have talked with you before (even if you’re the only one who did the talking).
Ben Glass
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