Why Isn’t It Working? Check Your Web Marketing Efforts for These Rules of Success

No matter how much time and money you’ve invested in your legal web marketing strategy, there will always be room for improvement. Maybe it’ll just take a few tweaks to get you back on top; maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul. But how will you know where to start?

Here are three simple rules to remember when developing your law firm’s web marketing campaign:

  • Focus. You should be targeting all of your marketing efforts on your ideal client. This doesn’t just mean people who are looking for help in your practice areas; it should be as specific as possible. If you help worker’s compensation victims, think about whom in your area you would like to attract—farm workers, industrial workers, construction or oil employees—and then focus your content on that subset of your practice. A client-specific legal marketing strategy will attract your ideal customers while appealing to other readers as well.
  • Here are three common problems that can sink your law firm's website.Consistency. Your web marketing efforts should be a regular part of your work life, just like staff meetings, ordering supplies, and returning phone calls. This means taking several actions every month that will directly generate new business. Many attorneys experience a drop-off in clients a few months after a big marketing campaign: they suddenly had an influx of business, so they let their marketing fall by the wayside. Some even resent the time and money they spent on their marketing; the truth is, if they had devoted a few minutes a day to keeping up their efforts, they would have had more customers waiting in the pipeline.
  • Diversity. Too many lawyers rely on a “magic bullet” for marketing—the one thing that’s going to bring in all the clients they could ever want. However, having one of anything is actually a terrible business model. Would you have only one employee—or for that matter, one client? The best way to expand your business is to diversify: using several sources to carry your message to customers. If you’re only using referrals and newsletters to advertise, you’ve not going to reach even close to as many people as a competitor with radio time or a social networking strategy.
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