If you look at the Yellow Pages or the Internet for an idea of how to put together a basic law firm marketing advertisement, you’ll find a whole lot of examples that look exactly the same. This might seem like a solid template for your own advertisement, but don’t jump in too quickly. A picture of a stern lawyer or a gavel, an offer for a free consultation, and a promise of endless riches are bound to catch the eye of a potential client in need, right?The most important part of a law firm's print advertisment.

Not so much.

To attract potential clients with a law firm marketing campaign, your ad needs to stand out. There are three main points that should be addressed to really get a potential client interested in contacting your law firm.

  • Attractive headline. Headlines are critically important for all advertisements. Pull them in with something that catches their eyes…and captures their imaginations. Don’t settle for offering a free legal consultation or something generic that everyone else has. Get creative! Think of something relevant to your law firm that suits who you are and shows what kind of clients you work best with.
  • Informational Body. The body of your ads should start the conversation. The middle part of your advertisement should follow the captivating headline with things that your potential clients are looking for. Forget telling readers where you got your law degree or how many years you’ve been practicing. Every lawyer they look at has a degree and is a lawyer, so use something else. Include lines that will begin the dialog between future clients and your company. Let them know they’re in the right place to find out more about their problem.
  • Irresistible offer. This should get them to take the conversation to the next level by giving them a reason to contact you. Offer a free book or informational packet that has the answers they’re looking for. They won’t be automatically pulled in with the lure of having the chance to talk to you for free, but they will be likely to take you up on your offer of free information. The conversation goes on from there.
Ben Glass
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