Don't get caught making these website mistakes on your law firm website.Now that you’ve purchased your own unique domain and chosen a website template, you’re ready to get your law firm’s online presence up and running. You’ve picked out a picture of yourself for the homepage, and you’ve written a snazzy tagline to get them to remember you, so all you need now is to…

STOP! Take a step back and really look at your web design plan. Does it look like every other attorney website out there? If so, you’ve got a problem. Remember: you want to stand out from your competition, not just copy their basic premise and hope your readers will like you best.

Here are the three biggest mistakes lawyers make when designing their websites:

  • Wasting the top third of your main page. Your homepage should be the most attractive and easily navigated page on your site. When you take up valuable real estate with useless things like photos of your staff, an enormous picture of a courthouse, or your firm’s logo, you’re alienating your readers and making your website look exactly like all other law firms. If you’re just like everyone else, why should they choose you?
  • Talking about yourself. The same rule that applies to pictures and logos applies to your copy: it may be your business, but it’s not about you. If a reader wants to know about your credentials, they will look for them on your “About Us” page—and that’s the only place they should find them.
  • Ignoring the internal pages of your website. Writing your copy is one thing, but optimizing it is a completely different thing. Readers don’t always enter your site on the main page—they can get there through any number of links, articles, or blog posts. Every page of content you create must have a way for the reader to continue their journey through your site, inviting them to keep reading rather than clicking away.
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