The Pyramid of Marketing Success (Part A)

I talk a lot about new media (blogs, videos, websites), traditional marketing (Yellow Pages, lawyer directories, radio), and everything in between and I'll admit; it can seem a little overwhelming. Where do I start? What should take priority? Is there a right way to do all this?

I've come up with a "marketing pyramid" that layers your legal marketing methods upon a strong foundation. The pyramid's foundation works on the premise of creating a secure and direct inbound-media campaign, adding in each additional layer of your marketing efforts until you reach the more difficult outbound media efforts of legal marketing at the top.

Your Database is Your Foundation

All good pyramids are built from the ground up on a solid foundation. Your client database is the foundation upon which your legal marketing pyramid will be built. I often talk about the importance of a good, well-maintained database, so here I'm just going to explain why it is so important in terms of marketing for lawyers.

Everything in the marketing pyramid feeds into and from your database
. Your website has a contact form that adds names to the database, your newsletter gets sent out to those names - it's a circle of productivity. Your database can't grow without good marketing to gather names, and your legal marketing can't be effective without a database to market to. It's a catch-22, but not a bad one.

You should already have a database of client names, so start there. Word-of-mouth referrals are great for getting new names and faces into your legal marketing pool. You can go ahead and connect your website contact form to feed new names into your database as well, because your website gets its traffic from search engines, which is a whole new gaggle of clients! When setting up a legal marketing campaign, I recommend establishing good database software as soon as possible. It saves you time and stress in the long run to get your system running ahead of time.

Next Layer: Perfect Inbound Media

The strongest type of media is inbound media - the marketing methods that deliver clients directly to you
. This layer revolves mostly around the Internet and the variety of opportunities it has for marketing for lawyers. Your website, online videos, blogs...all of these are places that your clients are actively seeking out for information.

These clients aren't just looking for a lawyer, they're looking for information. You should be providing them with this information and then letting them know that they can educate themselves and then get more help by hiring you.

Your monthly newsletter is also a pivotal component on this layer of your legal marketing pyramid
. The newsletter is a great way to simultaneously spread your name and your knowledge to clients old and new. Your current clients are reminded of how amazing you are, and someone who picks up a copy elsewhere (connect with local business friends, ask to leave a stack in their office) learns about your firm as well.

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