Sanity Is Possible In The Legal Field

When we talk about the importance of lawyer marketing, attorneys often ask, "How will I find time for this?"

If you are an attorney, you probably find yourself working long hours to keep your business running. You get up early, eat at your desk, and get home late. When you are not working, you dedicate yourself to your family. When do you find time to exercise, relax, or just enjoy a home-cooked meal, much less launch a creative legal marketing program?

The problem is that if we are always rushing, our brain starts rushing too. This leaves no time for our brains to be creative. There is no time to think outside the box. It is important to carve out that time for yourself.

Here are some tips for finding some extra time:

  1. Turn off your email alert: It's hard to concentrate on finishing a task when you hear your email ding. Once you check your email, time seems to get sucked away as you write replies, research problems, and quickly check the news. Schedule one or two blocks of time each day for handling emails. Do the same with phone calls. When you do handle your emails and phone calls, act right away, so small tasks don't build up for the next day.

  2. Prioritize: Look at everything you would like to accomplish. Decide on your priorities. You may find that you spend a lot of time on time-consuming, but relatively unimportant tasks. Delegate those tasks.

  3. Delegate: Can anything that you do be delegated? You can also try delegating in your life outside work. Do you find that you spend Sundays grocery shopping? Delegate the shopping to a grocery delivery service, so you can hike with your family instead.

  4. Don't agree to unnecessary work: It is ok to say no, especially if a task won't help you meet your goals.

  5. Plan each day: Spend the first five minutes of the work day creating a plan. Make sure your high priority tasks are scheduled first. Then set a schedule and try to stick to it.

  6. Block time for each task: Give the most time to the highest priority tasks. Break large, time-consuming tasks into smaller sub-tasks. If you are dreading something, don't procrastinate. Schedule ten minutes to get a start on it. When it is time to move on, go to the next task.

  7. Make sleep, a healthy diet and exercise priorities: Taking care of yourself will increase your energy and help you focus. You may be spending less time working, but that time will be more productive.

Time is your most valuable asset. Take a look through our article library to find more great tips to help you maximize your time.

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