If You Don't Know Where You're Going You Won't End Up Where You Want To Be!

So what are your goals? And what have you done today to achieve them? Here’s an easy way to get going with your goals: WRITE THEM DOWN! If you haven’t heard the statistic already here it is again: Goals are 85% more likely to get accomplished when they are put down in writing. Why does writing them down help so much? Well, when I asked you what your goals were you probably had to think for a bit, had a few conflicting ideas, maybe had a few things pop into your head that aren’t really your goals, just ideas. When you sit down, spend some quality time to think about your goals, and then write them down you no longer waste your brain on thinking of your goals on the fly. You see your goals and you can spend your time taking steps toward them rather than taking steps towards formulating them. Write them down, get to work. If it’s set in ink it’s a contract with yourself.

Now that you’ve written down your goals what’s next? Well, you’re going to need to put them in a place where they don’t get lost and where you see them often. It’s not enough just to see them though. Learning to adjust your life towards achieving these goals is key and there’s one simple way to do it. Whenever an opportunity, idea, proposition, anything comes up ask yourself “Is this the best use of my time and energy right now? How is it a) consistent with my goals and b) moving me closer to achieving them?” You’ve already thought about what your goals are, now it’s much easier to look at an opportunity or idea and compare it to your list of goals. Which goal is it moving you closer to? Are there other ways to move closer to that goal that might be more effective or efficient? Now that the question of what is out of the way you can start answering the question of how. Write them down, keep them close, be accountable to them in your decisionmaking.

Ben Glass
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