Want To Be A Winner? Start By Learning The Art Of Quitting!

The important part of quitting is being able to identify what needs to be quit. In Tip Number One we talked about setting goals and keeping them nearby so you can see how your everyday activities are furthering them. Well, what do you do with things deemed as superfluous to achievement? You quit them. That’s a simple enough statement for an often difficult task. You have your goals. You have the questions set up to root out everything that is either detrimental or not contributing to them. What is the point of having those steps if you can’t take the results and put them into practice by dropping the excess baggage.

It can be difficult at first. There’s always the potential for a little bit of strife and friction when you drop a system, cut back your areas of practice, maybe even let an employee go. The important thing to remember is that in the end you are the only one responsibly for your financial security in the future and your family’s security now. The moves you make to quit unimportant activities will pay off in all walks of life. It comes down to learning to say no to the things that are NOT worth your time so that you have the time and energy to say yes to the things that ARE worth your time. That’s the art of quitting in a nutshell. So the next time you hear a cliché about quitters think to yourself how much successful people have quit in order to make time to be successful.

Ben Glass
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