Can Radio Commercials Be Effective Law Firm Marketing? (Part 2 of 2)

Harmony Tenney, a direct response radio advertising consultant for lawyers, has shared with Great Legal Marketing a lot of insight on effective radio advertising for lawyers. She's been the success story for many small business owners growing their clientele through radio advertising. Below are some of the tips and advice that members of Great Legal Marketing has used in their own radio advertising campaigns.

Trial and Error: The Timing of a Radio Commercial

There are 5 major time blocks in radio station land: 

  • Morning Drive
  • Midday
  • Afternoon Drive
  • Evening
  • Overnight

When building your radio commercial schedule you need to ask yourself, when would my ideal client be listening to the radio? The answer isn't always during their commute. You should already be looking into the habits of your ideal client when working on your other lawyer advertising methods, so make sure to include radio usage in those profiles.

Because a radio commercial is nothing more than audio, you need to rely on repetition to help get your message to sink in. Not just repetition in the actual radio commercial audio, but also of the entire ad itself. Your same radio commercial should be heard on air at least twice per day during your most popular time block.

Radio Commercial Context

You can't just stick your radio commercial on any station and expect clients to come knocking at your door. That kind of lawyer advertising doesn't work in any type of media. You wouldn't put your personal injury law firm's website in a directory for general contractors, would you?

The context in which your radio commercial is heard is important in reaching your ideal clients. Do they listen to hard rock? The easy-listening station? Or is talk radio the place you think most of them tune in? Knowing which sort of station your radio commercial will be most effective on is one of the first things you should consider when building this part of your lawyer advertising campaign.

The type of programming surrounding your ad time is also important to getting your message out. If the station has a popular segment or call-in show, try to ride the coattails of that interest. With more people listening, there's a good chance your ideal clients are also paying attention.

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