Using Titles and Descriptions With Online Lawyer Advertising Ideas

As part of adopting creative legal advertising strategies, smart lawyers utilize online marketing to promote their law firms. An essential aspect of any online legal marketing campaign is the creation and upkeep of an effective legal website. To maximize effectiveness, most attorneys are familiar with the need for search engine optimization. However, many legal professionals do not realize that every page on the website can have its own title tag and meta description. Incorporating title tags and meta descriptions into the law firm’s website and associated materials is very important for ensuring that the website appears at the top of a search engine list.

What is a title tag?

The words of the title tag appear on the search engine results page as a clickable link. There are many reasons why title tags are so important to effective search engine optimization, including these:
  • If the title tag is effectively written, the odds of a potential client clicking through to the law firm website are increased.
  • Title tags are given as much weight — if not more — as the copy of the text and the external links pointing to the page when determining search engine order.
  • The title tag creates an opportunity for branding the law firm name by increasing the public’s familiarity with it.
  • Potential clients who are already familiar with the law firm name will easily narrow in on that search result when the name is contained in the title tag.

For these reasons, improving the use of title tags on a law firm website can generate significant increases in website views and click-throughs.

What is a meta description?

Meta descriptions appear on a search result page as a “preview” or “snippet” for the webpage that it applies to. Utilizing an effectively written meta description for every page can increase the odds that a potential client will click through to the page. It is an opportunity for the page owner to sell the viewer on the page, convincing him or her to read further.

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