A Written Goal is Much More “Real” Than One You Have Yet to Express

If you're a lawyer who's brainstorming ways to expand your practice—innovatively marketing yourself, reaching out to new clients, etc.—it's not very helpful simply to carry these goals around in your head. If you don't express your aspirations in written form, it's easy to lose track of them in the crush of your daily business. Worse, it's even easier to water down your goals or change them entirely, which pretty much ruins the point of the whole exercise.

You Need to Be Constantly Aware of Your Goals for Change to Happen

Why is it so important to write down your goals and aspirations, rather than carrying them around in your mind? Well, by writing them down, you'll:

  • Be able to capture that “aha!” moment when you finally grasped what you need to do to turn your business around. No matter how insightful the idea is, you're at risk of forgetting it if you don't write it down.
  • Be less likely to edit or water down your ideas. Psychologically, it's much harder to tamper with a written-down goal than one that has yet to be committed to print. This isn't to say you can't change your goals, just that you're likely to take the process much more seriously if you write them down first.
  • Keep your goals front and center, so you're reminded of them at all times. If you write down your goals and tack them to your bulletin board, you'll be aware of them every day, and they'll be more likely to sink in and motivate you.
  • If you have goals, write them down!Make it less likely that other lawyers (or even your friends and family) dissuade you from pursuing your goals and objectives. You're more inclined to defend a goal that's written down than one that's only vaguely formed inside your head.
  • Learn what you really want. The process of writing down your goals will help to crystallize your aspirations. It's amazing how a pen or paper (or a computer and keyboard) can help give birth to ideas that are only half-gestated inside your own brain.
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