4 Ways to Track Your Lawyer Marketing Results

In a previous blog post, Lawyer Marketing Serves Two Purposes – Attract Today’s Client and Tomorrow’s Case, I discussed the need to have a database and a follow up marketing campaign.  Now, the question is – how do you track your results?

Our view on measuring the return on investment (ROI) of our attorney marketing campaigns is a little different.  We view our database as the most important asset of our law firm.  So, if we can break even on the business we get from our ads today, but can add names to our database, we view our results as “net positive.”

Here are four ways we track our ROI:

  1. Special telephone numbers.  There are many different companies that sell dedicated tracking numbers.  We use these numbers in our ads to determine which ones are generating calls.  However, if you only use tracking numbers to calculate your ROI, your numbers could be off.  The same person might use the number multiple times, skewing your results.
  2. Tracking URLs.  Whenever we run print ads, we use a specific landing page (the page people arrive to when they type in the Web address).  This allows us to identify which ad the prospect was viewing. 
  3. Web forms.  Each page of your website needs to have a contact form that someone can fill out.  The reason is that you need to be able to pinpoint what page the lead came from.  Having one contact form on your home page is not nearly enough.
  4. Ask potential clients.  When prospects call your office, ask them how they found you.  While this might not be a precise method, it should give you a general idea where leads are coming from.
Ben Glass
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