How to Track Lawyer Marketing Results

Friends, colleagues, and clients are providing good feedback about your lawyer marketing campaign and you assume that your marketing campaign is successful. However, do you know for sure if your attorney marketing campaign is yielding the results that you expect? It is unlikely that you can be confident in your answer unless you track your marketing.

How to Track Law Firm Marketing Results

While you can ask people how they found you and gather informal data about what seems to be working, there is another and more reliable way to find out how people are getting your number. Specifically, you can use:

  • Tracking phone numbers. The idea of special tracking numbers is not new and still has its place in tracking legal marketing effectiveness. However, a tracking phone number is not enough to get a true sense of how people are finding your firm.
  • Tracking URLs. You can keep track of how clients found you by tracking the URLs of websites that they visited.
  • Tracking web forms. You can ask clients to fill out an information form before accessing certain parts of your website, such as the content of a free book.

Even though this will tell you how many new clients found you, it is still beneficial to ask them why the called you. What about your website or advertising campaign made them decide that it was a good idea to call you rather than another attorney?

How to Get Started with a Lawyer Marketing Campaign

Of course, before you can start tracking results you need a complex and interesting legal marketing plan to be in place. If you are part of a small law firm that already has a website and is excited about moving your marketing to the next level, then please browse through the various resources available for free on our website and please call us directly at 703.591.9829 for more information.

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