How Call Measurement Targets Potential Legal Marketing Issues—and Saves You Money

If you are a new attorney marketer, then you have probably launched an ad campaign by now. That may have been a phone book, TV, or newspaper advertisement. Now, it is time to use what you have learned and refine that ad into a better, much-improved marketing campaign. Getting leads is only the first step of the process, now you want to get your ideal leads with the best possible cases for your law firm.

Refining a marketing campaign is tricky. You first need to know which part of your ad is not performing how expected, or how that ad can be improved overall. The only way to begin this process is by collecting and analyzing marketing data. Marketing data is the most valuable thing you can have when you are planning a marketing campaign. Without solid data, you are only using educated guesses. Collecting this data is also important for another metric of your marketing campaign; your return on investment.

The best and most obvious improvement most law firms can make is by improving their phones. You should see your phones as an extension of your marketing because calling your office is one of the last steps in a marketing funnel. Additionally, your phone system should be in place to track and capture important marketing data. The method is simple: a call measurement provider assigns you a specific phone number in place of your main office number. You use this number as contact info on the marketing material you wish to track—your website, a printed book, or a DVD. To get the clearest results, you will need a different phone number for each marketing material you wish to track.

Here are a few ways a call measurement campaign can benefit your firm:Are you tracking your incoming calls?

  • You know where your business is coming from. Each new phone number is tied to specific information for that material, allowing you to compare the number of clients you have received from each avenue.
  • You learn who your customers are. You can glean a lot of demographic information about a caller from just his phone number, such as where he lives and likely economic status.
  • You know what to throw out. If one number tracks one or two calls a month that never turn into cases, you can stop spending money on that type of marketing, saving more of your marketing dollars each month.
  • You know what to expand. By examining where the bulk of your responses are coming from, you will know which offers are the most attractive, making it easy to expand on those already-successful ideas.
  • Your budget is being used to its best potential. You’re no longer blindly marketing to an unknown audience; you’re getting concrete information on your customers and able to see the relationship between your investments and their results.
  • You can try new things without fear. You no longer have to worry that a risky venture could be a waste of money. Everything you do can be tracked individually for any length of time, allowing you to stop or continue costly marketing efforts with peace of mind.
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