What Successful Business Owners Have in Common (Part B)

One of the biggest hurdles for many lawyers and other professionals to get past in order to achieve success and build wealth is being hung up on past failures or their own (real and imagined) shortcomings. Then, there are the excuses about how they "just don't have the luck" or acumen to grow a successful business. I'll tell you what all that is; a sad justification for mediocrity.

Being a focused entrepreneur isn't some innate quality that you must be born with, because guess what? No one is! As far as I know, no biologist has located the "success" chromosome in human DNA. It may seem like something that is either in your genes or it's not, but I assure you, that is not the case. 

So, now that we've effectively killed all (or at least a good portion) of the biggest excuses for not achieving success, we're left to consider what traits successful business owners share. Aside from the general abhorrence of excuse-making, they tend to share the idea that having an open mind is important to running a successful business and living a happy life.

An entrepreneurial attorney is one who is informed by history, tradition and the work of other great, ethical lawyers, but who isn't so mired in the "old" way of doing things that he refuses to think outside-the-box

There is no One Way to become a wealthy, successful business leader. But in my years spent training, teaching and learning from the best, and with the help of some of my most trusted business associates-entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the world-I've put together a comprehensive list of the traits that successful business owners have in common. You can find this list and more by ordering my FREE Report and CD through Great Legal Marketing - (703) 591-9829.   

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