What Successful Business Owners Have in Common (Part A)

When lawyers and other business professionals first encounter me or learn about the strategies I offer through my Great Legal Marketing seminars, they start asking questions about what it takes to be a successful business owner. First, I want to say that there is no magic formula for success. People's perceptions about who can and cannot achieve or expect success are far more limiting than reality.

Take a moment to form a mental picture of the hypothetical office and background of the imaginary, idealized successful business owner. Do you visualize walls adorned with fancy degrees and diplomas from the best universities? Do you imagine that it's someone who likely grew up in an affluent neighborhood with a certain business pedigree flowing in their veins?

If that's how you envision what it takes to be a successful business owner-expensive degrees and a wealthy, connected family-you're grossly underestimating and misunderstanding the fundamentals of how to achieve success.

By thinking in those narrow terms, you're giving yourself an "easy out"-an excuse, a justification!-to fail. This is particularly true if you didn't go to the most prestigious law school, or you were the first person in your family to seek a higher education.

Business leaders come from all walks of life. I've known many phenomenally focused and driven business professionals who didn't even go to college, but who own thriving businesses and still make it home in time for dinner every night.

What most every successful person I know has in common is an overall mindset. What helps these entrepreneurs succeed is an open mind and an eagerness to soak up (almost) everything around them.

So it's important to first and foremost understand that if you've got this predetermined idea that you can't be a successful business owner because you don't have the right education or background, you're dead wrong.

The marketing tips and strategies I outline through my Great Legal Marketing seminars and mastermind groups, provides plenty of real-world examples that demonstrate just how backwards and weak that excuse is!  

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