TV Commercials: Effective Lawyer Advertising? (Part B)

The Cost of a TV Commercial

I can't tell you exactly what a TV commercial will cost. The cost of your commercial will depend on where you live, who you hire to produce and distribute it, where and when you show your work, and a whole slew of other factors. What I can tell you is, there are many cheaper alternatives that are just as-if not more so-effective and will be less stressful to produce.

You're going to have to deal with a lot of different elements when you decide on creating a TV commercial for your lawyer advertising plan: 

  • Production of the commercial.
  • Approval for broadcast.
  • Distribution to local networks.
  • Deciding on and purchasing time slots and views.

That's just a basic short list, depending on where you are and who you work with, those steps could be expanded. All of these things cost money. If you're lucky, you only have to pay the production company and they'll offer to take care of the rest for you (included in their overall fee, of course).

How do I know my TV commercials are successful lawyer advertising?

The easiest way to determine if your TV commercials are effective is to ask your new clients
. How many of them came to you after seeing you on TV? If your answer a few months later is zero, you have some thinking to do about your lawyer advertising strategies.

If you're not getting the return on your TV commercials like you thought you would, don't bother speaking to the TV ad vultures that sold you the production/broadcasting. Their answer is going to always be "You didn't buy enough views/the right timeslots!" If you were to believe the TV ad vultures, somehow, it's always your fault for not spending MORE.

Cheaper Alternatives to TV Commercials

I'm not going to stop you if your firm is dead-set on lawyer advertising through TV commercials. If you're willing to lay out the time and money, go for it. Some lawyers have found success through the TV. But before you make that decision, I want you to think about what TV commercials are: video clips.

The benefits of TV commercials are that you can see real people, hear them, and become familiar with their image and mannerisms. Isn't that the same thing I've been saying about online video? Online video is easier to produce without the help of a production company, free to distribute, and comes with fewer restrictions.

There's a lot more to lawyer advertising besides TV commercials. The strategies we impart at the Great Legal Marketing seminars cut through the fluff and give you the real nuts and bolts of becoming a successful entrepreneur! Get a free CD and report to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works - (703) 591-9829. 

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