Two Guarantees of the Great Legal Marketing Conference

Marketing your law firm and/or small business can a difficult process.  Great Legal Marketing wants to get you excited and passionate about marketing your very own law firm and/or small business.
Ben Glass: So I want to just tell you, I started off with sort of two guarantees. It's truly, truly-you will hear successful, implementable, doable marketing strategies in this conference and I don't care if you tell me that you are one lawyer, no staff. Tell me you're a one lawyer and no staff, I'll point you to my friend, Bob Badle in the back who basically has quadrupled or quintupled his practice, his income and his life. No staff! No live staff that he is paying for, okay.

The other thing is you'll hear some things that you just will not have heard any place else, particularly if you go to a sort of a typical state bar, state trial lawyer programs on marketing. To me it's all the same stuff and then it's all-they tell you things that you can't do and it's a big reminder of things you can't do!

The ideas that we have and we discuss and do are just so outside of the way most lawyers think about marketing, but what we have done is really looked at other very, very successful entrepreneurs in any business. And we have started from the basis that no, the fact that we are lawyers does not make a difference. The people that we want to model are successful people, people who are successful in their lives, people that have successful relationships, people that have successful businesses-I don't care if you're running a hair salon, a bagel bakery, a printer shop or lawyer shop. If you're doing something good, I'm going to be curious about that. I want to know how you think, I want to know what you do, I want to know what mistakes you have made and what you wouldn't do differently and then I'm going to ask myself the question-how could I take what I have just learned from you and import it into my business?

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.