The Power of Free Giveaways (Part B)

It's Not All Key Chains and Bottle Koozies

When you first hear about promotional items for lawyers, you probably start visualizing little knick-knacks like pens, sticky notepads, and key chains. While these are good for casual promotions, you can also consider your free information materials as giveaways.

As part of your legal marketing campaign, you should be offering your potential clients your free information packet, book, audio CD, DVD, guide or whatever method you're using to provide them with the free information they are looking for. These offers should be on your website, in your blogs, at the end of your articles, and in your online videos.

Now that you are offering your clients free materials, you need to make sure those materials are easily identifiable with your name.
Your logo should be on the front, the back, and even on a page or two on the inside. If your book is the answer to their problems, you'll want to make sure that they're well aware of who gave it to them.

Appropriate Promotional Materials for Lawyers

Giving away custom engraved shot glasses is probably a bad idea, especially if you're a DUI attorney. When developing your legal marketing campaign, you should take some time to discuss what kind of promotional items would be appropriate for your law firm.

Some items like pens, calendars, notepads, and utility key chains are at least somewhat practical to most clients. The more apt your clients are to use your promo items in their daily lives, the more your name stays in their field of vision and their minds. I'd suggest steering clear of edible giveaways, as they're a single-use item and the tossed wrapper isn't going to leave a lasting impression in anyone's mind.

You may also want to step outside the box completely and go for items relevant to your practice.
A personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents may want to get squishy stress-relievers shaped like motorcycles with their law firm name on them.

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